Expert Myofascial Release Practitioner
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Myofascial Release

The John F. Barnes, PT method of Myofascial Release addresses chronic pain, poor to bad postural habits and lack of mobility and flexibility geared toward permanent pain relief. This is a results oriented therapy designed to address fascial restrictions within the fascial system.


“Start by doing what is necessary; Then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

- Francis of Assisi

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Julie has worked on me several times and I always feel great after. She’s very intuitive and listens to your needs in order to give you exactly what your body needs. I’ve had chronic shoulder pain for years now, and when Julie used myofascial release techniques on me, I not only felt great, but was able to sleep comfortably for the first time in months. Julie is confident, comforting, and has just the right touch. I can’t recommend her enough. Do yourself a favor and go see Julie, your body will thank you.
— T.L.
Julie did a bodywork session on my shoulder and neck area that has been a problem for years - myofascial release. It was not what I was expecting to have done but I felt comfortable trying the technique because of her knowledge and professionalism. I was able to move my neck after the session more than when I arrived.
— R.L.
Julie is wonderful. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a very warm presence. The myofascial technique she uses not only feels good and is relaxing, but it actually allows your body to heal itself I would highly recommend Bluebird MFR.
— L.B.
When Julie walks into the room her face and everyone else’s lights up. Her personality is joyful, engaging and attentive. I have received work from Julie several times in the past year and every visit gets better. Her pursuit of knowledge in multiple modalities makes Julie a sought after therapist. Whether you’re seeking deep tissue therapy or myofascial release, Julie handles it all. She is sensitive to instruction and great at communicating reasons to try different techniques. I will definitely be seeing Julie on a regular basis.
— R.M.

About Me

My name is Julie Varga.

I am a licensed massage therapist and graduate of The Massage School in Boston, MA.  I specialize in the John F. Barnes method of Myofascial Release at the expert level. 

I was born in The Netherlands and lived in England, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Paraguay.  I came to live in the United States in 1998.  I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently. 

My first exposure to massage therapy was when I was 11 years old.  A group of nuns in Paraguay helped people by massaging them for a variety of ailments, and for some, it was the only pain relief they ever received.  Since then I have had many massages and benefited greatly from them.  This motivates me to share massage therapy with others, specifically Myofascial Release.

I enlisted as soldier on active duty in the US Army in 2001.  Now, after 14 years of active service, I am in the US Army Reserves.  I have been on multiple deployments so keeping up and staying fit is essential to survival.  I am also a paratrooper and worked in special operations units, infantry units and with special forces.  I know what body aches are more than most.  I have my share of injuries and outlived a struggle with PTSD.  Myofascial release has helped me not only to cope but to live an active lifestyle.

My sister was a police officer on a SWAT team, one of my brothers worked for many years as a government contractor in dangerous locations around the world, and my youngest brother is a 911 dispatcher.  I am committed to helping those of you in high stress jobs because I am one of you.

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